CCPS is committed to building a team with international perspective, valuable sentiments of education and the quality of advancing with the times. We are on the hunt for educators who love teaching and students, understand and recognize the school teaching philosophy, have fine character and possess a healthy and positive attitude. At the same time, CCPS will offer you the same trust and respect in order that you can make full use of your talents and keep going ahead, and thus you can provide the most forward-looking education service for the future development of students as well as grow with our school.

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1. 针对学生情况,对其进行个性化的课程讲授;

2. 根据学生学习情况和培养目标,制定教学计划,进行课程备课;

3.  对先进教学方式和教学方法进行教学研究与探索;

4.  教授学习方法、学习技巧引导;

5.  在授课期间适当组织测验活动,检验学生接受辅导的成效;

6.  跟学生家长及时沟通孩子的学习状况,以尽责的态度和专业的咨询征服家长;

7.  时刻注意学生的心理及学习变化,及时汇报校领导,掌握学生的学习及生活状况。

8.  做好学生期中、期末考试的相关准备工作,做好阅卷及登录成绩的工作;

9.  校领导、部门领导安排的其他工作。

1. 全日制本科及以上学历,相关专业毕业;

2.  统招学历师范专业毕业者优先;

3. 有高中语文教师资格证书;

4. 对所授课程有深入研究,在本学科教学上有所特长;

5. 热爱教师工作,有一线教师工作经验者优先,熟悉高中学生的生活及学习特点,善于与学生进行良好的沟通交流;

6.  语言表达能力强,思维灵活,富有亲和力;有良好的团队合作精神,能在学科组中互促互进;富有耐心、爱心,敬岗敬业;负责、专注。