Professional Music Course

1. Instrumental Music

For instrumental music classes, courses including string, wood tube, brass, percussion, piano, harp, classical guitar are offered by CCPS. The main subject of instrumental music is to pay attention to the basic expression of instrumental music, the improvement of music sense, the performance of solo ensemble performance and the mastery and application of different music genres and music styles. Major course content includes instrumental master class, music coaching session, chamber music class, ensemble class and performance workshop.

2. Classical Vocal

It is completed by the vocal teachers and the piano accompaniment teachers. It adheres to the vocal music teaching concept based on the Italian vocal tradition and lays a solid foundation for vocal music for each student. The content of the lecture includes but is not limited to: basic training of vocal vocalization, training of vocal music and learning of vocal works, and insisting on the long-term vision of each student's art career. Major course content includes the main subject of voice lesson, Vocal Performance Workshop, Diction Classes (Chinese, English, Italian, German, French).

3. Popular Vocal

Through open multi-disciplinary education, students could master the theory of popular music knowledge and popular singing skills, deeply understand various popular music styles, establish a cognition of popular music culture, and then achieve the purpose of creation and innovation. In addition, students can learn other relevant field skills (such as creation, sing as well as playing an instrument, etc.) according to their personal interests, and improve their comprehensive musical ability. Through the participation in master classes and concert stage performances, they continue to accumulate singing experience and stage experience. In the combination of practice and theory, they enhance their self-awareness and find their own style advantages, laying a solid foundation for entering the higher education institutions and professional singing careers in the future. Major course content includes: voice lesson, Ensemble, Instrumental Performance of Pop Music and Vocal Performance Workshop.

4. Musical

Musical drama is an integrated stage art, which is a complete stage performance that combines music, dance and performance together. The major courses include:

·  Vocal course: focus on the basics of singing skills, training combined with singing and performance

·  Performance class: focus on the basic performance, performance skills training

·  Dance class: focus on the training of Chinese and Western classical and modern styles

·  Drama class: In the form of workshops, the class introduces a large number of excellent musical drama classic chapters, paying attention to the multiple combination of singing, acting and dancing and the training of artistic image.

·  Music Coaching Session

·  Chorus

5. Composition

The goal of the CCPS composition class is to train professional composers. The content of the course includes basic music theory courses such as acoustics, music, works analysis, polyphony, orchestral instrumentation and modern music creation techniques, etc.. While teaching students to master basic composition techniques, we would fully inspire students' imagination and creativity. It helps students lay a solid foundation to enter the professional music school. Students must complete a piano suite, two vocal works, and a small chamber music project during their studies to match the basic requirements for applying to a foreign professional music school.

6. Conducting

The goal of the conducting class is to train conductors, organizers and leaders in the field of collective music performance art (opera, symphony, chorus, etc.). As a top talent in the field of music, the training mode of this major is very unique: the main course adopts the teaching method of three teachers for one student, and sets the score reading method, advanced vocal training, double piano symphony, chorus, band training, harmony, polyphony, analysis of works, orchestration, modern works analysis and other courses.