CCPS Scenery

Central Conservatory Preparatory School (short for “CCPS”) of Dongcheng district, Beijing, located in the heartland of Beijing, is a professional music school connecting the world stage with dreams. With personalized classical music as the core education, combined with the systematic English and Chinese education, the school aims to cultivate professional musicians and promote the diversified development of students.

CCPS enrolls high school students from Grade one to Grade three of high school (10 to 12grades) and provides three main kinds of courses: music courses, English courses and Chinese courses. The excellent music teachers from home and abroadwill give comprehensive music courses with different cultures’ essence. The English courses are customized and match the requirement of college entrance exams. The Chinese courses are designed to cultivate the Chinese language,history and culture identity. All the courses will enable students to build in dependent personality and make preparation for university lives that are full of challenges.

In school, thereare regular music activities, academic activities and public service activities. As for music activities, we invite famous musicians and educatorsfrom home and abroad and hold international exchange activities, music masterclasses, music salons and music experts’ classes. In addition, there are seriesof concerts held by students, such as concerts at the end of the month, personalconcerts, concerts at the end of the semester, graduation concerts and New Yearconcerts. The Theater Festival of CCPS and the English Speech Competition arethe essential parts of academic activities, which serve as a perfect platform for students to show their gifts and talents, learn Chinese and foreign cultures and improve communication ability and speaking skills. Outside of the school, our students have entered the top music stages at home and abroad.Stages such as Kennedy Art Center of USA, China’s National Grand Theater and Beijing Concert Hall, where they create many acoustic feasts for audience from China and abroad. CCPS also provides public service activities such as “Wings of Music” and “Social Service”, which are opportunities for students to gain asense of mission, responsibility and service.

With the strict control of staff-student ratio, CCPS has formed a precise and autonomic learning atmosphere and established tight connection with schools in China and abroad. The school will provide a holistic plan and coaching for students to enter a higher education since the school started, aiming to help students realize their goals and get further education in their desired universities.

Central Conservatory Preparatory School, located east of the Palace Museum, is a worldtop music schools and is only steps away from national music stages, such as National Center for the Performing Arts, Beijing Concert Hall and Forbidden City Concert Hall. There are several standard piano rooms, multi-functional halls, reading rooms, multimedia studios with iMac equipment, the small concert hall that canhold hundreds of people and casual restaurants for students inside the school.The design style of school building breaks the restriction of the existing regular design to encourage students to stay committed to exploration and realize their artistic value.