Introduction of Academic Courses

Can a music school have exceptional academics?

Of course!

In CCPS, academic courses are the same important as music courses. CCPS offers a full-time academic program to prepare students for further study at the university.  Based on the student's academic level and personal interests, the school develops a training program for each student that matches their development demands. The school takes measures such as class shifting, layered teaching, and credit system to make each class meaningful.

· Chinese

As a mother tongue, the study of Chinese has an unquestionable position in the cultivation of students' understanding ability. The Chinese course focuses on laying a solid foundation. In the pre-high school period, it allows students to lay a solid foundation on words and know basic grammar, rhetoric, and logic. Through reading and other ways to cultivate students' habits,  it helps the students to read independently.

During the high school period, we will enhance traditional teaching requirements for literary and writing and strengthen the cultivation of applied style reading and writing skills.

· English

English is a tool that plays an important role in the further study of students. CCPS adopts progressive and immersive teaching methods to cultivate students' English application ability, language organization ability, and critical thinking. At the same time, English learning will be integrated into other disciplines so that the students will eventually gain the ability to learn in both Chinese and English.

· Mathematics

John Dee thinks that music is the science of mathematics and the arrangement of numbers becomes beautiful notes. CCPS hopes that every student is not afraid of mathematics but likes it. The mathematics curriculum combines the curriculum requirements of both China and the United States together, by applying a layered teaching and mastery learning method to enable each student to achieve the expected mathematical ability.

The study of mathematics plays an important role in the training of logic. The school attaches importance to the connections between mathematics and life, mathematics and science, mathematics and musicetc..

· Science

Science is a worldview, a way of knowing the world. Science is a way of thinking that transcends the boundaries of the discipline. These abilities are needed regardless of the career of the student in the future. The science courses of CCPS adopt project-based teaching and thematic teaching and fully emphasizes the cultivation of students' science and engineering practice ability according to the national curriculum standards and the requirements of the Next Generation Science Education Standards (NGSS). The acquisition of ability is also inseparable from the mastery of basic science.

The science course of CCPS respects the internal learning rules of different scientific disciplines, breaks the boundaries of disciplines, reflects the integration of disciplines, and enables students to have interdisciplinary learning abilities.

· Humanity

As a global citizen, every student needs a deep understanding of the relationship between the past and the present. The humanistic courses of CCPS broke the boundary between the past and the present in the preparatory period and combined the history with the current society. We hope that students will truly understand the influence of history on reality. During the high school period, we will re-examine the development of Chinese culture from the perspective of the world and establish the consciousness of the world community.