2016-2017 Admission Policy

It’s inevitable for one to make a lot of choices in one’s lifetime and a certain choice will decide one’s life.

Students of CCPS are expected to be those who are in deep love of music and personally qualified with certain extent of musicianship, perception and individual comprehensive qualities. Besides, they are required to obtain definite level of Chinese and English proficiency  to adapt themselves to our bilingual education model. We pay much attention to their potentialities more than mere scores recorded in their transcripts and we hold a firm belief that students of CCPS shall, like the school itself, possess the perseverance and curiosity for relentless pursuit of knowledge and are not easily satisfied with only meeting a set standard. We hope that they shall maintain inquisitive hearts for uncharted world and have the courage to challenge themselves to their limitations. There are encouraged to make bold attempts in their lives and defy any obstacles and setbacks that come in their ways. That genuinely defines growth.

CCPS shall open the first page that fulfills and enriches the diversified development of music students in China. It is the wings for pursing dreams. We strongly believes that one choice achieves a dream and one kind of education creates a meaningful life.

Majors of Enrollment: instrument (brass, woodwind, string, keyboard, percussion), voice, composition, conducting.

Enrollment Quota: 20 persons

School System: high-school, three-year (10 to 12 grades)

Enrollment Targets: nationwide (including HK, Macao and Taiwan)graduates of junior middle school

Ages Requirement: students who apply senior one (10 grade) shall reach ages of 15 before August 31st, 2015.

Enrollment Examination:

1.Ability Test (written test)

(1)Comprehensive musical competence test, solfeggio and musical theories basics

(2)English test: integrative test of students’ proficiencies in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

2. Music majors test (interview, detailed test subjects please refer to the appendix)

Student candidates answer the questions of the examiner directly at the examination room and go through procedures of individual talent show and synthetic assessment of artistic attainment. We will invite master musicians and senior educational experts to form the jury and participate the review work of enrollment qualification for each student.

Major Category

Interview Subject


A.One piece of polyphonic works

B.The fugues selected from Bach’s Three-Part Invention (Sinfonia) for keyboard and Well-tempered Clavier

C.One allegro movement of classical sonata, selected from Haydn, Mozart, Clementi, Beethoven and Schubert

D. Two etudes of self-selection

E.One piece of music (Chinese or foreign works)



A.Play a piece of major and minor scale respectively, including ligature and articulation (scales, arpeggio, arpeggio decomposition)

B.Woodwind requires at most 4 sharp and flat (include 4)

C.Brass and percussion requires at most 3 sharp and flat (include 3) and draw lots for determination

D.Etudes requires one technique and one singing

E.One piece of music

(Candidates who have some certain levels of piano playing skills and favorable musical quality are preferred. Candidates who have learned this instrument shall be asked to perform visual-play and sing a song or play other instruments.


A.One piece of scale, including monophonic and diphonia

B.Two etudes

C.One piece of singing music (lyrical essay), one piece of technical music and one movement of concerto


A.One piece of scale, including monophonic and diphonia

B.Two etudes

C.One piece of music or Bach Unaccompanied Suite

D.Concerto first movement with Cadenza


A. One piece of scale, including monophonic and diphonia

B.Two etudes with different characteristics

C.One prelude from Bach’s Six Unaccompanied suites

D.One piece of music (Chinese or foreign works)

E.One movement of concerto

Double Bass

A.One piece of scale

B.Two etudes with different characteristics

C.One movement of concerto

D. One piece of music

Classical Guitar

A.One piece of common major and minor scale respectively (above two octaves)

B.Tremolo etude or a piece of music

C.Optional selection from Bach Violin Suite or Lute suites (e.x. Chaconn, E flat Grade Valse brillante)

D. One piece of music


A.A piece of Baroque works

B.Self-selection of music songs with different styles

Vocal Singing

A.A piece of Italian art song from 17 or 18 century

B.One Chines art song

C.One foreign language art song or oratorio self-selection (Italy, Britain, France, Germany); aria optional, but not required

D.One music song from modern and contemporary Chinese works


A.One piece of scale, including monophonic and diphonia

B.Two etudes

C.One piece of singing music (lyrical essay), one piece of technical music and one movement of concerto


A.Major interview

Play two personal works


One piece of music (Chinese or foreign works)

C.Additional second instrument is optional


A.Conduct one movement of orchestral or symphonic music or two ensembles

B.One etude, Czerny 740 degree above (if capable of performing secondary instrument or above, the degrees can be appropriately lowered to Czerny 299 latter half above)

C.One piece of music, allegro movement of classical sonata, or partita, rondo.

D. Sight-playing

All instrument (except piano) are prepared by the candidates

Scholarship policy: student with an all-round outstanding performance may win our fellowship after examined and reviewed by our scholarship department

Application deadline: June 30, 2016

Additional enrollment deadline: in case of quota vacancy, please submit complete documents before August 31st, 2016