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School Address:

GuGong Campus: No.19 Nan Heyan Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing  100010
Jin Bao Avenue Campus: No.30, Dong Tangzi Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100010

Driving direction:

GuGong Campus:
By Driving: Drive along the Chang An Street from east to west. Turn right and drive into the Nan Heyan Avenue which is in the east of Tiananmen.  Drive along the Avenue for about 500 meters to arrive. (You may directly search: Central Conservatory Preparatory School for navigation).

By subway: Take Line 1 to Wang Fujing and get off at Exit C1. Walk for 15 meters and turn right to enter the east Chang An Street. Walk along the street for 300 meters and turn right to enter Nan Heyan Avenue. Walk straightly for around 500 meters to arrive at CCPS.

Jin Bao Avenue Campus:

By Driving: drive along the Jianwai Avenue from east to west and turn right to enter the Chaoyangmen South Street and drive along the street for 780 meters and turn around to drive 140 meters. Then turn right into the Hutong and continue driving for 160 meters to arrive.

By Subway: Take the subway to Dongdan Station and get off at either Exit A or Exit B. Face north and enter the Dongdan North Street where you walk straightly for about 650 meters. Turn right and enter the Dong Tangzi Hutong and walk straightly for about 580 meters to arrive.


For more information, please send an email to info@ccom-prep.org

Or directly dial 4000-581-587