Application Procedures

1. Fill in the application form

2. Make an appointment to visit our school

Students and their parents can make an appointment to visit our school through the official website and telephone, and they can sign up for the school opening day, open class and other activities, which will enable them to have a better understanding of the school. In order not to influence the teaching schedule, please make an appointment before visiting lest the teaching order be disrupted.

Appointment phone number: 4000-581-587

3. Hand in application documents

Please hand in the following documents under the guidance of admission team:

A. Application form    

B. Two pieces of two-inch certificate photos without hat on (White background)

C. Copies of student’s household registration book and ID card

D. Demo

E. Transcripts of recent three years (Chinese students shall offer Chinese version)

F. The copy of passport or copy of ID card of parents/ guardian

G. Copy of students’ vaccination record

4. Pay the application fee and make appointment for entrance examination

CCPS will invite a group of music experts and educational experts to assess whether the students have the qualification to enter the school. Therefore, please make an appointment to confirm the time for the entrance interview.

Application fee: RMB 2000(documents fee and interview fee are included; the fee is not refundable.)

Please follow the information below to make payment. Be sure to quote the student's name and date of birthday. All applications will commence once the application form and application fee have been submitted.

CCPS Bank Transfer Details:

Account Name: 北京市东城区中央音乐学院鼎石实验学校

Account No.: 110908587610301

Account Address: 北京市东城区南河沿大街19号

Bank Name: 招商银行股份有限公司北京东方广场支行

5. Entrance examination/ interview

The entrance examination is composed of an English exam and a specialized course interview. The English exam is used to check the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of students while the specialized course interview is used to access the students’ professional basis. We arrange different professors for the interviews of different majors. Parents should accompany their child.

6. Talking with parents

To understand the students’ and parents’ educational ideas and their expectation of the school, and to strengthen the mutual understanding, we will communicate with every parent attending the entrance interview and build a bridge of communication between the school and families.

7. Pre-admission

We will send pre-admission notice to students based on their performance in the written examination and interview as well as the opinion of experts.

8. Pay tuition fee

9.Admission and preparation for entrance