Application Procedures

1. Appointment to Visit the School

Students and parents can register through the official website, call or add the WeChat of the admission teacher to make an appointment to visit the school. Besidesyou can also take part in the activities of the school open days and other activities to enhance the students and parents' experience. CCPS is a fully enclosed institution. In order to keep the order, please make an appointment to visit in advance.

Reservation call: 4000-581-587

Admissions Department WeChat: CCPSAdmission

2. Complete the Application Form

Students can fill the application form through the Online Application page of the official website or get a paper version of the application form from the school. After completing the registration form, the students need to pay the entrance examination fee of 2,000 yuan to arrange the test and note the remittance information. The students should also add the admissions department WeChat CCPSAdmission to confirm the remittance.

3. Pay for the Application Fee and Make an Appointment to the Entrance Exam

CCPS will invite music experts and senior education experts to form an expert review team in order to evaluate the qualification of each student. Therefore, the admission interview must be reserved in advance.

The application fee is: 2,000 yuan. (The fee includes material fee and interview fee, which is not refundable.)

You can pay by cash or through bank transfer to the CCPS account. Please be sure to note the students name and birthday when you make the payment. All the applications will only be started after the application form and application fee have been submitted.

CCPS Bank Transfer Details

账户名称(RMB Account Name): 北京市东城区中央音乐学院鼎石实验学校

账户号码(RMB Account No. ): 110908587610301

账户地址(Account Address): 北京市东城区南河沿大街19

银行名称(Bank Name): 招商银行股份有限公司北京东方广场支行

4. Entrance Test / Interview

It includes academic testing and music literacy testing:

· Academic tests include Chinese, math and English (including speaking and listening);

· Music literacy exam includes one-on-one assessment of professional teachers (if you have any questions, please consult the admissions department teachers.);

5. Parent Interviews

In order to have a comprehensive understanding of the student situation, the parents' educational concepts and the expectations to the school, we will interview the parents of each student who participated in the interview.

7. Pre-admission

A pre-admission notice is issued based on the student's written test and interview results and the opinion of the expert review team.

8. Pay for the Tuition

9. Official Admission and the Preparation for Admission