Public Music Courses

· Piano minor

The piano is the best way to learn music, so all students of CCPS need to learn the piano. The piano minor course is designed to help non-piano major students develop excellent musical literacy and a more comprehensive understanding of the artistic essence and aesthetic performance of music, so that they would establish a comprehensive and solid music knowledge structure.

· Solfeggio

Solfeggio is of great importance as a basic course for all music majors. Students learn the melody, rhythm, intensity, harmony, polyphony and forms of music through systematic learning and training to cultivate students' outstanding musical sense, laying a solid foundation for students to sing, play and create in different music majors in the future.

· Music theory

CCPS combines theoretical education with performance practice, allowing students to master the complete music theory system based on performance.

Part of the teaching reference book 'Music Theory':

1. Norton Anthology Western Music Seventh Edition
2. The complete musician Second edition Steven Laitz
3. Music Theory in Practice G1-8
4. The AB guide to Music Theory Part I - Eric Taylor
5. Practice Beginning Theory 8th Edition
Bruce Benward
Barbara Garvey Jackson
Bruce R.Jackson

· Introduction and Appreciation to Western Music

This course is a comprehensive music foundation course. It combines Chinese, history, other historical subjects, music theory, acoustics and analysis of works together in order to help students define the basic knowledge of professional music courses and enhance the appreciation of music works. Furthermore, aesthetic ability, comprehensive analysis and performance ability of self-music works will also be improved.

· Harmony and works analysis

Classes are taught in a way that combines music scores and music scores of professional work analysis, enhancing students to have a overall understanding of the practical role of acoustic knowledge in music creation. Through music analysis combined with music works, writing music theory articles, it allows students to thorough and effectively understand the composer's creative ideas.

· Coducting

The course requires students to master the methods of analyzing and reading the music scores on the basis of mastering the basic skills of the music conducting, so that students have the awareness and ability to analyze the musical works from the perspective of conducting.

· Chorus

CCPS offers a chorus class for all students. It aims to help students build a multi-voice thinking method and overall musical sense through chorus training, and to cultivate students' adaptability, self-control and cooperation awareness. The chorus emphasizes the unity of commonality of sound. In the rehearsal, the harmony and unity of the chorus's tone, volume, intensity, pitch and rhythm are stressed. The expression of breath, biting, voicing, line and emotion in singing should also be unified in commonality. Therefore, when a prominent student participates in chorus training, he needs to control his voice during singing rather than excessively arrogant and casual. After a long period of chorus training, the teamwork skills of the students will continue to be improved.

· Performance workshop

The course is completed on the stage by inviting musicians and professors with years of stage experience so as to help the students become familiar with the stage, adapt to the stage and gradually control the stage. It also stimulate their musical potential and enlighten the students to discover more possibilities. Students choose their own tracks and perform or sing on the stage of the concert hall. The instructors provide guidance from all aspects, so that students can achieve the perfect presentation of the work.

· Stage movement

The course is designed for students of classical vocal and musical majors,covering basic dance skills,basic language skills and training, such as Baroque dance, waltz, ballroom dancing, court dance, etc.. What’s more, it covers jazz, tap dance, modern dance and various types of dances such as basic ballet, and leads students to experience the 'Push-Pull' physical performance.

·Modern music theory (Opened for popular vocal music)

The course covers harmonics theory, melody, harmony, and rhythm training in modern pop music. It aims to help the students fully understand the basic theories of modern pop music, learn to analyze the melody, harmony and rhythm of a song, and apply them into practice so that they would gradually be able to independently complete more complex song analysis in modern pop music, which will lead the students to produce a piece of music including melody, harmony and rhythm.

· Modern Music History (Opened for popular vocal)

Based on European and American pop music, the course is a clear and concise development of European and American pop music and it introduces different styles of European and American pop music.

· Rhythm training (Opened for popular vocal)

Given that the characteristics of popular music rhythms are different from classical music, the course will focus on training the students to master the regularity and particularity of popular music rhythms.

· Classical guitar (Opened for popular vocal)

Guide the students to understand the basic structure of the guitar, tuning, basic practice methods, size tuning, scales in major and minor tones and other basic content. Combine simple songs with skills, rhythm, rhythm training and practice, and enjoy a wide range of modern music: professional skills training in blues, pop jazz and jazz. Focus on the cultivation of creativity and inspire the students to create their own works.

· AP music theory

CCPS is a school that has successfully registered for the course and obtained the examination qualifications from the American University Council in mainland China. By offering AP Music Theory, it creates an atmosphere of intercommunication between Chinese and Western music education and strengthens the cultivation of students' comprehensive music quality, stimulating international exchanges.

· Master class

CCPS provides students with the opportunity to contact advanced music teaching concepts abroad. We have continuously strengthened cooperation with top foreign musicians. We have hired 11 Chinese and foreign guest tutors to set up the international master classes and summer college master classes every year. Previous masters come from different famous muscic universities, including the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, the Berkeley Conservatory, the Curtis Institute of Music, the Manhattan Conservatory of Music, the Cologne Conservatory of Music and the Berlin University of the Arts.

The combination of stage performance and academics is the only way for music-learning students to grow up to musicians. Therefore, CCPS has specially set up concerts such as end-of-month concerts, student personal concerts and so on. Through independent planning and participation in all aspects of the performance, the students will have a more systematic and comprehensive understanding of the performance and be well prepared  for the professional music career.