China Youth Music Competition

China Youth Music Competition is a domestic initiative and permanent music competition for all kinds of music, which open to Chinese and overseas music learners under 22 years old, including foreign music learners living in China. With the establishment of unified and complete mechanisms along with institutions of regulation, China Youth Music Competition serves as an open, fair and impartial stage for youth. The competition makes them improve music accomplishments and quality-oriented education for primary and secondary school students in China.

China Youth Music Competition has built comprehensive cooperation with Germany Music Council and German Youth Music Competition Committee and learned their advanced musical libraries accumulated from German Youth Music Competitions in the past 53 years enabled music competition. China Youth Music Competition emphasizes the importance of cooperation and communication in learning classic music. Therefore, it makes great efforts to promote ensemble (chamber music). The competition believes that cooperative rehearsals and performing will increase the interest of youths toward music learning, strengthen their understanding of the connotation of music and improve themselves when enjoying music communication.

As the co-sponsor of “China Youth Music Competition-Hummingbird Music Award”, Central Conservatory Preparatory School provides the pre-competition and post-competition training for all contestants. Excellent contestants can take part in the mater’s class of chamber music and concerts of Central Conservatory Preparatory School for free. Those who has won the first price in the national music competition and passed the entrance examination will beawarded by Central Conservatory Preparatory School with a scholarship of RMB50000.

On March 21st, 2016, Chinese president Xi Jinping and the German President Joachim Gauck, during his visit in Beijing, jointly attended the opening ceremony of “2016, Sino-Germany Year of Youth” and unveiled it. “ChinaYouth Music Competition-Hummingbird Music Award” has become an essential event of Sino-Germany music exchange of youth under the year of youth framework. The German President Joachim Gauck was pleased to mention the cooperation between Germany Youth Music Competition and China Youth Music Competition and extended his congratulation for it during his speech.

The second Sino-Germany Music Exchange Season of Youth has been launched. The prize-winners of the Germany Youth Music Competition in late October will come to China and communicate with those of China Youth Music Competition and held many concerts.

Features of the competition:

1. Comprehensiveness

China Youth Music Competition has adopted the plan of Germany Youth Music Competition and it through the past 53 year’s competitions.Classic music and many other types of music are included. Learners of keyboard music, string music, wind music, vocal music and percussion music can take partin the competition.

2. The promotion of ensemble (chamber music)

China Youth Music Competition emphasizes the manifestation of ensemble (chamber music), aim to upgrade youths understanding of music and strengthen the cooperation. Professional group competition is setfor ensemble (chamber music), promoting the participation of ensemble learners and the manifestation.

3. The balance between solo and ensemble(chamber music)

To strike a balanced development of students’ ability to perform solo and the collaboration ability to perform ensemble(chamber music), China Youth Music Competition takes the way of cycling all the subjects every three years, which means learners of all subjects can take partin the solo competition in one year and compete for different ensemble competitions the other two years.

4. The fairness

The judgers of China Youth Music Competition are composed of senior judges and professors from both at home and abroad. The judges and professors enact world-recognized, fair and reason able appraisement mechanism for the competition. We will send judges to local divisions randomly so as to ensure the fairness and authority of the judgement.

5. The systematic referenced music library

We have introduced many songs accumulated by GermanyYouth Music Competition for 53 years (Jugend musiziert). Meanwhile, with the development of the competition, we have organized domestic professional judges to add Chinese music works to the music library and have formed a complete,systematic and specific music library for China Youth Music Competition,providing a wider reference of songs for classic music lovers’ learning and enjoy.