Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does CCPS have the qualifications?

A: Central Conservatory Preparatory School (short for “CCPS”) of Dongcheng district, Beijing, was examined and approved by the Educational Committee of the Dongcheng district and the Education Authorities of Beijing Municipality in 2012 is approved as a professional music school based on noticeable forces in society.

Q: What majors does CCPS offer?

A: CCPS has four main majors, namely, instrumental music (brass music, woodwind music, string music, keyboard music and percussion music), vocal music, composition, and conducting.

Instrumental Music include: bassoon, violoncello, clarinet, contrabass, Tenor horn, flute, guitar, harp, French horn, oboe, percussion instrument, piano, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, tuba, viola and violin.

Q:Are there dormitories, canteens or practicing rooms in CCPS? How about the hardware facilities?

A:There are dormitories and canteens. The canteens are certified by the Education Committee and run by CCPS, providing nutrient meals for students. A dormitory is shared by 2-4 students with public toilets, bathrooms and washhouses. Every student has a practicing room where they can practice after school. What’s more, there are central ventilation systems, which can make it possible for theair indoors to be fresh and reduce the effect of smog in order to build a safeand comfortable environment for students.

Q:Where do students go after graduation?

A:We have three major curriculum systems: music courses, Chinese courses and English courses, which will lay a solid foundation for music for students, enablingthem to embrace good Chinese cultivation and English language competence and make good preparations for them to study abroad. After graduating from CCPS,students can apply for colleges of music, comprehensive universities and liberal arts colleges abroad with the help of teachers.

Q:Which schools abroad did the graduates successfully apply to?

A:The schools that our graduates successfully applied include:  Juilliard School of Music, Berkley College ofMusic, Manhattan School of Music, University of Cincinnati, Berkeley BostonCollege of Music, Bard College, University of Sydney Conservatory of Music, LaSierra University and the University of Delaware.

Q What social activities does CCPS have?

A:Students take part in the activities of “Wings of Music” regularly. Inspired by the music assistance system of Venezuela, the founder of CCPS cooperated with China Symphony Development Foundation and established the charitable project“Wings of Music Children’s Musical Charity” with music as its theme and carrierin 2009. Central Conservatory Preparatory School devotes itself to helping and supporting all kinds of social services by the power of music. We also encour age students to take part in different kinds of social and communities services as volunteersto cultivate the awareness of social responsibility and service as well as the abilities of leading and organizing acknowledged by world-class universities. When applying for universities abroad, student will get the recommendation letter from “Wings of Music”, which is helpful for the application process.

Q:How does CCPS help students apply to a university?

A:Teachers from College Counseling Deaparment are responsible for helping students apply for universities abroad and plan for future careers. The department makes customized plans for their further education and career goals starting on the first day of school. Base on “further education” and the shaping of students’ individuality and characteristic, we will make prospective analysis of course arrangements and majors chosen for students, taking their future career development into account. Therefore, students don’t need to hire an overseas study consultant after school. The university counseling teachers will teach students how to plan for the application, how to choose universities, how to prepare the application documents, how to prepare for thetests of TOEFL and SAT, how to make DEMOs, how to prepare for the interview andhow to stand out in the interview. The university counseling teachers will always be with students until they get the offer of their desired school.

Q:Which universities abroad have CCPS established a relationship with?

A.The director of International Department of CCPS, a permanent member of our school in America, is responsible for the communication with famous universities in America. International Department of CCPS has established are lationship of communication and cooperation with many universities around theworld for a long time and invites professors to open master’s class in ourschool occasionally. Bard College of Music and Cleveland Conservatory of Music and other world famous schools of music will build test centers for enrollment to our school.