Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the school have the necessary qualifications?

A: In 2012, CCPS was approved by the Dongcheng District Education Committee and the Beijing Municipal Education Department.

Q: What are the requirements for the students to apply for?

A: CCPSs evaluation system is based on the students' academic ability, music professional quality and further educational targets.

Q: Does the school have a dormitory, a canteen or a piano room? What about the school's facilities?

A: The school has a dormitory and a canteen. The canteen is certified by the Education Commission and provides self-service canteens for students. The dormitory is a room for 2-4 students with a common washroom, bathroom and laundry room. Each student has a separate piano room that can be used for after-school practice. At the same time, the school installed a fresh air system to ensure that the indoor air is fresh and create a healthy, comfortable and safe learning environment for the students.

Q: Where are the students after graduation?

A: The school offers academic courses that match the requirements of the syllabus of China and the United States, as well as a professional system of music majors. The curriculum is in line with the requirements of foreign music colleges and comprehensive universities. After graduating from CCPS, with the help of the counselors, they could apply to the top music schools, comprehensive universities and liberal arts colleges.

Q: Which foreign universities do students apply for?

A: The universities applied by the graduates of CCPS include: Juilliard School of Music, Berkeley College of Music, Manhattan Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, Boston Conservatory of Berkeley, Bard College, University of Sydney Conservatory of Music, La Cyril University, University of Delaware and Temple University, etc.

Q: What social activities does the school have?

A: Students will participate in the Musical Sailing Charity Program in regular. Inspired by the Venezuelan music rescue system, the founder of our school cooperated with the China Symphony Development Foundation in 2009 to create a music-themed and carrier-based charity project Musical Sailing Children's Funding Project. CCPS is committed to using the power of music to help and support various public welfare and to support students as volunteers to participate in various public welfare projects and serve the community so as to cultivate social responsibility and service that is recognized by the world's top universities. When the students apply for a foreign university, the music sail project will help the students apply for them.

Q: How can the school help students apply to the universities?

A: Our school's Career Counseling Department is responsible for helping students apply for foreign universities and career development programs. The school's progression counseling department prepares one-on-one career plans for students when they enter CCPS. Based on the 'graduation', starting from the shaping of the 'personality' and 'character' of students, we will help the student analysis their academic planning and subject selection. The tutor will teach the students how to plan their application time, how to choose a university, how to prepare for their application materials, how to prepare for the TOEFL, SAT exams, how to record DEMO, how to prepare for an interview, and how to stand out and so on. Our school counselors will accompany our students along the way to get the offer from the favorite university.

Q: Which foreign universities have our universities established?

A: Our school's progression guidance department is responsible for maintaining good interaction with major universities in the United States. It has established long-term exchanges and cooperation with many schools around the world, and regularly invites university professors to come to our school to open master classes, such as the German Conservatory of Music, the Cleveland Institute of Music, and other internationally music academies.