Chen Guang | Visiting Tutor

Chen Guan, fromXiaogan, Hubei province, once studied at the Secondary School associated withthe Central Conservatory of Music, American Juilliard School of Music, andattended the Italy Imola International Piano Academy.

In 2015, ChenGuang got the diploma of virtuoso at the age of 20. He is the youngest one toget the honorary title in the history of piano performance in the world.

Below are the awards ChenGuang has won:

The champion of the 2016the United States Olga Cohen International Piano Competition;

The champion of the2014the Rome International Piano Competition;

The champion of the2013 the Scriabin International Piano Competition;

The first prize of the2010 the Cantu International Piano Competition.

He won the ItalianPresidential Medal used to commend his contribution to music.

As one of the mostactive young pianist in the world, he has performed in nearly every countryaround the world.

He has made greatsuccesses in many world-famous music halls, such as New York Lincoln ArtCenter, Amsterdam Royal Music Hall, Slovakia National Philharmonic Hall,Spanish National Music Center, Milan Will Hall, Venetian Phoenix Theater,Vatican Concord Hall, Napoli Royal Concert Hall, Turin Victoria Hall, GermanyHerford City Hall, Stuttgart Philharmonic Hall, Wuppertal Essen City Hall,Mannheim City Hall, Seattle Concert Hall, and the New Mexico State Music Hall.