Cong Xinzhu | Composition and music common courses teacher

Dr.Cong Xinzhu,composer, executiveconsultant of professional music events.

In1979, she was born in a music family of China and his grandfather, Mr. LiuChengfu, composed China’s first “Music Dictionary” (The first edition printedin Commercial Press in1935). When she was young, she received a rigorous andprofessional music education. She learned playing the piano under thesupervision of Professor Wu Yuan, Professor Shi Shucheng, Professor Li Feilanand Professor Tyer. She had ever joined in the team to carry out performances, competitionsand other activities around the world for many times with the Chinese SymphonyOrchestra Juvenile and Women’s Choir founded by the conductor Professor YangHongnian. The chorus work “Our Song” created by Dr. Cong in 1998 was determinedas the permanent mission song by the Chinese Symphony Orchestra Juvenile andWomen's Choir. In 1994, Dr. Cong was admitted to the attached middle school ofcomposition major in the Central Conservatory of Music. In 1997, Dr. Cong wasadmitted to undergraduate composition major in the Central Conservatory ofMusic with the highest mark in the countryunder the supervision of the famouscomposer, professor at the Central Conservatory of Music, Chairman of theChinese Musicians Association, Mr. Ye Xiaogang. Dr. Cong has always been workinghard, thus has gotten the “People’s Scholarship”, “Three GoodStudents”, “WilkomSomerset East” scholarships and other awards duringher undergraduate years, andher works have been awarded and displayed many times in all kinds ofcompetitions. In 2002, Dr. Cong was recommended by the Central Conservatory ofMusic to study the master’s degreebecause of her excellent marks. In 2008, Dr.Cong was awarded theDoctor’s Degree by the Central Conservatory of Music.

The musical creation of Dr. Cong involves symphony, chamber music, vocal music,film and television music, documentary, sports music and other differentgenres. Her major films and television works include: the film “ForeverSummer”, “See the Sunshine Again”, TV series “Never Wins Unbelieving”, the film“The Truth of Hanging Horizon Event”, “Compulsory Course of Female Workplace”,“Metro Line 3”“Looking for Tashi”, the documentary“Peace and Friendship Voice,”their original soundtrack and so on. Her major sportsmusic works include: publicizingsong “New Beijing, New Olympic Games” used to bid for the Olympic Games (produced into a record by the Beijing Olympic Committee as a gift to send toall the IOC and the individual sports association in 2001);  in 2002, a special composition of the song “CrystalDream” to celebrate the first gold medal in Olympic Winter Games for China; “BeautifulBeyond” composing for the Olympic Games badminton champion Gong Zhichao’sbiography with the same name; In 2003,the song “PEOPLES 'GAMES”(“human race”) composedby Dr. Cong and the famous Japanese musician Kitaro was identified as one ofthe publicizing songs of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games by authority. In2010, Dr. Cong’s vocal work “Chinese Sports Carol” was identified as thepermanent song of the National Sports Conference by the National Sports GeneralAdministration of China. In addition, Dr. Cong has also composed for a numberof large-scale events, such as the opening ceremony of the China Film Museum, the“Three Chapters toOffer” in the 50thAnniversary of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with ForeignCountries, the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relationsbetween China and the United States and so on. In 2015, Dr. Cong created alarge vocal work “Republic Dream” to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary ofMr. Sun Yat-sen. Dr. Cong’s thesisstudying topics during his master’s anddoctoral studies has filled the gaps in the study onGerman composer Hans WernerHenzeby Chinese professional music creation field.

Dr.Cong has been concentrated on the teaching of composing,the theory of composingtechnology and basic theory of music for many years. Dr. Cong is most expertinwriting and teaching of vocal music and teaching of musicaltexture study. Dr.Cong has always persistedin the idea of “deepen the root of Chinese culture,cultivate students to have a global perspective” in her teaching process toinspire students’ imagination and creativity.It wouldmake the composingtechnology serve for musical works. The lesson plan adopted by Dr. Congwas writtenby herself.

Apartfrom professional music composing and teaching, Dr. Cong also won some prizesby participating in various large-scale activities in China. Dr. Cong has beenwith the Beijing Olympic Games Bid Committee to the Principality of Monaco andMoscow to propagating the affair of China’s applying forhosting the 2008Olympic Games activities twice in 1993 and 2001 respectively and participatedin important leaders’ meetingand interviews on behalf of our country. In thespring of 2001, after Boatetri, Chairman of International Sports JournalistsAssociation, heard Dr.Cong’s introducing her story to host the Olympic Gamesand enjoyedthe “New Beijing, New Olympics” composed by her, he said: “We shouldget this touching story known to the world.” Many domestic and foreign mediascovered and publicized the story of her two participating in the Olympic Gamesapplication. At the end of 2001, Dr. Cong was recommended as a candidate forthe “Capital Spiritual Civilization Construction Award”by the CentralConservatory of Music. In the beginning of 2002, considering her contributionto the cause of the Olympic Games, Cong was elected as one of the five torchbearersby the Chinese Olympic Committee and went to Los Angeles the United States to participatein the torch relay activities of the Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games. Inthe invitation letter of the Organizing Committee wrote: “You are chosen notbecause of your athletic ability, but your contribution to the cause of theOlympic Games.” In the end of 2002, Dr. Cong won the selected nomination awardof “the fifth Top Ten Outstanding YouthBeijing.” In June 2008, Dr. Cong wasawarded the title of “China BeautyImage Ambassador” by the National Women’sFederation and the French L’Oreal company “Yuxi” brand. In July 2008, ChinaCentral Television broadcast the official documentary“the Trip to ApplyingOlympics”—the ninth episode of “Our Olympic” to the world which includes thefour major figures of the Olympic Games, the late Vice President of theInternational Olympic Committee He Zhenliang, the world champion Ms. Deng Yapinof table tennis, China’s professional media woman Ms. Yang Lan and the composerDr. Cong Xinzhu. The broadcasting of the film received a huge response in theglobal world.Meanwhile Dr. Cong also participated in singing the film’s themesong. In July 2009, Dr. Cong composed the symphony “Pudong’sChildren” at theinvitation of the Shanghai Pudong Development Zone for the coming 2010 WorldExpo, which received a special praise from the leaders of Shanghai and PudongNew Area. In 2014, Dr. Cong composed the vocal music “Let love keep the eternalmemory”with a famous composer,Professor Du Mingxin, who talked aboutMr.XiJinping's visit to the United States Elva. The work was performedin the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations betweenChina and the United States in the state of Elva, and the 60th anniversary ofthe founding of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with ForeignCountries.

Dr. Cong is also an excellent professionalconsultant and organizer of musical events. The large symphonic epic concert“RepublicanRoad” composed by Professor Ye Xiao Gang and directed by Dr. Cong hasbeen performed twice in the National Theater of China in 2011 and 2012respectively. Mr. JiaQinlin, Chairman of the Chinese People’s PoliticalConsultative Conference (CPPCC), attended the concert in 2011. The major guestattending the second concert was Mrs. Peng Liyuan, Mr. Xi Jinping's wife.

In2017, she joined in the CCPS as the deputy director of music, and she is incharge of the formulation ofthe basic curriculum in music and the purposes of activitiesand development. She would teach students composition, musical theory, listeningand rhythm training, sight-singing and audition training, an outline of westernmusic and appreciation etc.