Chen Xun | Flute teacher

Currently principal flute of China Radio Film Orchestra. Mr. Chen Xun was the Principle Flutist from 2011-2013, Mr. Chen Xun traveled and performed in countries such as China (including Hongkong and Taiwan) Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia. He received interviews from Hongkong TV station, NHK Japan and Wall Streets. He was praised as the “the extraordinary performer” in the major media in Singapore.

In 2012, as the only Chinese recipient of the full scholarship, Mr. Chen Xun travled to Royal College of Music for his Master degree. Meanwhile, he received offers from notable universities such as Boston University, Peabody Conservatory,as well as Royal Academy of Music.

During his study in England, he performed work with William Bennett and Karen Jones. His collaboration with BBC Symphony Orchestra was well received by the public.

After finishing his master degree, Mr. Chen Xun was the associate lecturer at the Jacob School of Music, Indiana University, USA.

Since 2015, Mr.Chen joined the China Radio Film Orchestra.。 as the youngest principal flutist.