Jin Wenbin | Piano Teacher

Jin Wenbin received first place in the entrance examination at the Secondary School associated to the Central Conservatory of Music when hewas 12 years old and was taught by Professor Zhang Jin, a well-known piano educator. In 2006, He was enrolled by Yale School of Music with a full scholarship, exerted from examinations and became the youngest piano performance graduate of the school since its founding. He was taught by Professor Boris Bellman, a famous Russian-American pianist. In 2009, he was enrolled by New England Conservatory of Music with a full scholarship and was taught by Professor Chen Hongkuan, a famous pianist and educator of Chinesee thnicity. In 2013, he graduated with overall good grades and continued to study for his artist diploma, which is the highest doctorate of performance in the Yale School of Music where he was taught by Professor Boris Bellman. In 2015, he won the most coveted graduate scholarship of Yale School of Music because of his excellent grades. Since 2016, Jin Wenbin has been serving as Deputy Director of Performance and Art Department of Central Conservatory Preparatory School in Beijing.

Jin Wenbin is the first and the only pianist who has been certificated by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and got excellent grades in three major Chinese Competitions, for which he was praised by the minister of Chinese Ministry of Culture. He received first prize for the Shanghai International Piano Competition, second prize for the China International Piano Competition and third prize for the Shenzhen International Piano Concerto Competition. Later in2015, Jin Wenbin published his first performance album in Naxos, the biggest record company in the world. The album is composed of Jin Wenbin’s performance of Liszt’s all transcendental etudes.

He once cooperated with theBeijing Symphony Orchestra, the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, the Macao Symphony Orchestra, the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra and with conductor masters such as Cristian Ivard, Lin Daye, TanLihua and Zhang Liang.