Wang Xinyi, Wang Xinyue

The Universities Admitted

The Juilliard School of Music / Bard College

In April 2015, Wang Xinyi and WangXinyue (a pair of twin sisters) received the admission letter from both The Juilliard School of Music and Bard College. One is a top world-class professional music school; and the other is a comprehensive elite school with over one century of history, which allows students to choose two majors as they like.

In May 2015, the two sister expectedly chose Bard College. What Bard College attracted our twin sisters is that they have the freedom to choose another major besides music. It meant that they could have more chooses with a more broad-based education and havemore options after they graduated. They can not only become brilliant musicians on stage, but also choose a different profession according to their own personalities and hobbies!

The big news (about the admission of the two twins) had spread like wildfire and drawn social concern. Besides,the news titled as “Twins have flaked out on attending Juilliard School ofMusic” is frequently reported by the media.

This coincides with the concept of school management that our school has always advocated. We do not intend toonly cultivate musicians who have a glorious career in their field of specialization. We also hope that our students can get a wholesome development in other subjects as well. Therefore, we will also cultivate students’ capability of international exchange and balanced development of music and learning, so that our students will manage to continuously improve their talents and skills required in social life all as well as their own musicianship and artistic taste. Music can be the lifelong partnership to ourstudents that helps make their career choices and future even more colorful.