The opening session of CCPS| The young generation lead pianist brings us

The famous Austrian musician Haydn said:

'When I sat next to theold clavichord,

I even didn't envy the happiest King in the world.'

Chen Guang, a 22-year-old young man, is one of the most active international pianists. He has experienced sweetness and bitterness in his music, but has also been accompanied by flowersand applause, as he finally become who he wants to be.

A smooth song Ping Lake Autumn Moon and a 'non-scherzo' song Chopin Scherzo No.1 show his sincerity and purity towards his approach in music. That is why he can create such a splendid atmosphere combined with western and eastern music.

'As he played a Russian masterpiece performance, his interpretation reminded me of Russian masters who have passed away.'

-- Famous European Music Critic Cesare Guzzardella

'This pianist has high skills and plays with an extraordinary taste in music, he totally impressed me.His playing is full of appeal, has inherited Beethoven's spirit. '

——The German media gave such a commentary for Chen Guang's performance on famous songs of Beethoven.

On 2015, Chen Guang, a 20-year-old young man, has already receiveda Master Player Diploma.He is the youngest person who has earned this diploma.It's hard to believe that someonecan make such an achievement at such a young age.

On Sept 1st, as the young generation lead pianist,he played a smooth song PingLakeAutumn Moonwhich he adapted by himself with the arrangement of Chopin Scherzo No.1. He then gave amaster class to students.

Chen Guang played Chopin Scherzo No.1for us.Before hestarted,he explained his understanding of this song. Scherzo is not joking, butcontains melancholy, revolt and self-mocking.

School Music Director, Dr.CongXinzhu, was the composing teacher of Chen Guang when he was in the secondary school associated to the Central Conservatory of Music. Dr.Cong brought his testpapers to class and said Chen had shown his gifts at that time because he listened to more songs than others, and he knew what he wanted, thus Chen would finish his assignments with a serious approach. That's the nature that all excellent pianists need to portray.

Compared with how music education was in the past, nowadays the academic atmosphere is much different. Dr. Cong told Chen that as a pianist, you had to stand at the forefront of stage.Chen is the most active pianist on the international stage. He will continue to play for people and accumulate stage experience, meanwhile,he will try to compose and teach students continually.

Dr.Cong said to allstudents present:'what Chen has been through is a kind of inspiration and reference.'

Chen Guang

Chen Guang, fromXiaogan, Hubei province, once studied at the Secondary School associated with the Central Conservatory of Music, American Juilliard School of Music,and attended the Italy Imola International Piano Academy.

In 2015, ChenGuang got the diploma of virtuoso at the age of 20. He is the youngest one toget the honorary title in the history of piano performance in the world.

Below are the awards ChenGuang has won:

The champion of the 2016the United States Olga Cohen International Piano Competition;

The champion of the 2014the Rome International Piano Competition;

The champion of the 2013 the Scriabin International Piano Competition;

The first prize of the 2010 the Cantu International Piano Competition.

He won the ItalianPresidential Medal usedto commend his contribution to music.

As one of the most active young pianist inthe world, he has performed in nearly every country around the world.

He has made great successes in many world-famous music halls, such as New York Lincoln ArtCenter, Amsterdam RoyalMusic Hall, Slovakia National Philharmonic Hall, Spanish National Music Center, Milan Will Hall, Venetian Phoenix Theater,Vatican Concord Hall, Napoli RoyalConcert Hall, Turin Victoria Hall, GermanyHerford City Hall, StuttgartPhilharmonic Hall, Wuppertal Essen City Hall,Mannheim City Hall, SeattleConcert Hall, and the New Mexico State Music Hall.