Central Conservatory Preparatory School

Central Conservatory Preparatory School (CCPS) is an international, full-time high school. The school is dedicated to building a top-end music education, meanwhile providing rigorous academic atmosphere for students. Music is our cornerstone and based on that, we successfully prepare our students to the world-famous conservatories, comprehensive universities and liberal arts colleges.

A balanced development of music performance and academic theory is the fundamental philosophy that guides the CCPS music education. The school has an outstanding faculty from home and abroad, abundant international exchange resources as well as world-leading pre-college academic programs,We are the first to open AP music theory among domestic schools.

The education platform established by the CCPS not only aims to cultivate top-level musicians, but also stresses on the high-quality academic music education. We endeavor to cultivate diversified development for our students. Our “System of Three” program combines music fundamental education, Chinese high-school curriculum and International courses, thus rendering an equal progress in the music and academic learning. We help students acquire all skills and abilities required in the social life and improve their personal musicianship and artistic tastes. We instill the concept in to them that study is a lifetime habit.

It is the preparatory school that prepares students for the world top universities. Also it is a starting point of enjoying happy learning, pursuing music dreams and shaping independent personalities. CCPS has a stringent control over the teacher-student ratio and has formed a rigorous self-discipline study atmosphere. We have established close relations with domestic as well as overseas academies and colleges. Each student, since enrollment date, is instructed and prepared for entering higher education. We help them realize their life goals and get into the ideal universities with success.

One choice makes one dream,

and one education creates a lifetime of opportunities.