CCPS Chamber Orchestra

Central Conservatory Preparatory School (CCPS) found CCPS Chamber Orchestra in 2014. The outstanding musicians and some of the top students of the CCPS formed the Orchestra. Each performer of the Orchestra has reached a high level in the artistic technique field and performing experience field. They are frequently seen in the world-renowned musical stages from home and abroad. The famous violinist Mr. Chai Liang acts as the Art Director of the Orchestra and Ms. Chen Qian as the vice-president of the Orchestra.

CCPS Chamber Orchestra persists in seeking and cultivating young performers with unmatched playing skills and distinguished musicianship. The Orchestra continues to pursue the first-class music qualities, placing emphasis on the chemistry and cooperation abilities among musicians. It promotes Chinese young chamber music into the world stages.

The Orchestra has organized two successful chamber master classes in summer of 2014 and 2015. One typical success was that the Orchestra held a special concert in the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in February 2015, which is a palace of art in the US. During the musical gathering, the Orchestra performed one of the most representative suites of Astor Pantaleon Piazzolla “Four Seasons” and Josef Suk's “ Serenade and other chef-d’oeuvre”.

Apart from the show in the Kennedy Center, the Orchestra also visited the Virginia Tech Moss Center and many other places. This tour has won good reputations from the audiences and the local media. It was reported in the Reuters and other newspapers. The stage photo of the Orchestra was shown on the New York Times Square.

CCPS is dedicated to developing outstanding Chinese musicians; meanwhile the school also shows great respect to the individual cultivation of students. By training the students with international communication abilities as the integrating point, they are provided with many opportunities to get a close contact with international masters and to perform on stages. Thus their music qualities and performing experience are both improved and enhanced, and eventually to be enrolled by domestic or foreign top-ranking conservatories or universities.