The 5th CCPS International Chamber Music Festival was officially launched

10-day domestic intensive course and visting the Lugano Festival in Switzerland,
It's not just the German, American and Chinese intensive guidance,
Master Class,
Opportunity to performance on the concert hall,
It is the opportunity to make the dream of music comes true.


The 5th International Chamber Music Festival at CCPS will arrive in the summer of 2018. This year, the music festival is still divided into two parts: domestic intensive master classes and foreign music festivals. The domestic intensive master class brings outstanding teachers together and visiting professors from CCPS to provide students with the opportunity to study music and personal guidance from famous teachers. The festival will take members to Lugano, Switzerland, for a fascinating view and rich cultural and artistic atmosphere.

CCPS has successfully hosted the 4th International Chamber Music Festival from 2014 to 2017. A special concert was held at the Kennedy Art Center, a master class concert was held in the ancient building Taimiao in 2016 and 2017 and cooperated with the 23-year-old historyAmeropa Music Festival, so that all students who participated in the music harvested a remarkable summer.

The CCPS International Chamber Music Festival aims to promote chamber music in China and provide students with an open and diversified learning environment. The music festival is based on chamber music learning. The master one-on-one course is an auxiliary, multi-class music minor course. The rich music activities help students integrate 'music' performance, music cultivation, and cooperative performance.

   Based on a rich library of songs, in ten days of intensive training, according to the possible combinations of different instruments and the level of students, which can help students complete practice and present their works, and appreciate the meaning and emotion of the works.

Teaching time

1. German Masters: Officials of the German Music Council and the German Youth Contest to Dispatch Chinese Youth Competitions

2. American Masters: Visiting Professor, CCPS, Music Director, Swiss Music Festival, Professor, Conservatory of Music, University of Virginia, USA, David Ehrlich, renowned chamber music master

3. Chinese Master: The Teachers of CCPS.

David Ehrlich

Guest professor.Famous world violinist, music educator, chamber music master.

Reinhart von Gutzeit

Former German Youth Music Competition Chairman. He completed violin and German literature at the Cologne Conservatory and the University of Dusseldorf.

Anne-Kathrin Lindig

He is the artistic director of the Joseph Joachim International Music Competition and the violinist of the HochschulefürMusik Franz Liszt of Weimar.

Admissions and requirements

1. Strings: violin, viola, cello
2. Wind music: trumpet, horn, trombone, bass, queen, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon (to be determined)
3. Piano

Student requirements

1. Love music, have good music skills, be able to skillfully play one of the above-mentioned instruments, have a certain level of instrumental performance and comprehensive music;

2. Have a good ability of language communication and collaboration, and hope to achieve self-improvement in cooperation;

3. Be able to take your learning seriously, be willing to accept new things, be able to withstand the pressure of study, and persevere;

4. All previous Chinese youth competitions will be admitted to the national competition players without test. All competitors will be admitted preferentially;

5. There is a fixed chamber music portfolio preferred admission, and provide scholarships for outstanding combinations.

Courses and types

1. China Youth Championship Master Class:
    9 years old (competition A2 age group and above) String/window/piano student

2. Watching gallery:
    9-year-old or above (professional)

3. One to one private lesson:
    a. One-to-one private classes can be arranged with the professor of the master class according to their degree and time
    b. Mainly for non-Chinese youth competition master students

Course type

Indoor music lessons
2. Master class
3. Concert
4. Music Literacy and Invited Courses

Registration Process
Submit work review
Received admission notice and paid the remaining tuition fees
Received the tracks required by the master class and prepared the exercises in advance
Participate in the master class