Chen Chuan | classical Guitar Teacher

Chuan Chen, a young classical guitarist, is also known as a classical guitar teacher of the Central Conservatory of Music and the virtuoso of the Zhilong Guitar Chamber Orchestra.

Mr.Chen has achieved remarkable achievements on the international stage. He won the second place in the 5th Vienna International Guitar Competition and the champion in the 4th Hong Kong International Guitar Competition. Besides, he received the champion of the 2nd in the Barrios WorldWideWed Competitionand the top award of Chamber Music Group in the 19th Osaka International Music Competition in Japan. Mr.Chen isthe virtuoso of the Zhilong Guitar Orchestra Quartet. He has performed concerts and lectures in Germany, Vienna, the United States, South Korea, Malaysia and manyother cities in China in the form of ensembles and solo. He has performed with a number of famous local and externalorchestras such as the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, the China Philharmonic Orchestra, the China National Grand Theater Symphony Orchestra, the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, the China Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Xi'an Symphony Orchestra, etc. The mastersthat he has performed a number of guitar concertos are Joji Hattori (Ao),Russell Harris (English), En Shao, YiZhang,Xiao Tang Xia and many other famous conductors.

Mr.Chen often collaborates with many top musicians in different music fields; in 2006, he participated in the creation of a group of outstanding young musicians: the soul chamber orchestra is active in embassies of various countries and National Grand Theater. Since 2017, Mr.Chen and the Soul boarded the Blue Jazz Club, the top jazz club in China, and held long-term concerts.

The musicians who have worked togetherinclude Master FeiSong of the erhu, violinist WeiChen, violinist LinYue, soprano singer LuwaKe, and the chieftrumpet of Guojiao XiaohuiYin.

He has made many wonderful achievements in the tutoring of students. At the Central Conservatory of Music, he is responsible for the teaching of classical guitar and chamber music. A chamber music column was opened on the school's online website, and a series of courses were recorded. As the artistic director, Mr.Chen, the children's chamber orchestra founded in China's music store of Legu Music Culture Industry, first proposed to use the form of chamber music to improve the children's experience of learning music and achieved very good results. In May 2018, He led a team to participate in the JUAN CRISOSTOMO DE ARRIAGA International Junior Guitar Competition in Bilbao, Spain. The students won the championship in the junior and youth groups and the fourth place in the open group!