Chai Liang | Violin Teacher

Famous violinist, conductor and musiceducator

Mr. Chai began learning the violin when he was 10 years old and two years later he was admitted into the attached middle school of Shenyang Music College. In1986, he obtained an exceptional admission to the Central Conservatory of Music excused from an examination under the supervision of Professor Lin Yaoji, a famous violinist. After four years, he graduated with acquiring the first place in scores during four consecutive years and got the opportunity to accept further education in the University of Southern California with full scholarship. After his staying in America for one year, he was allowed to studying the Julliard School with full scholarship where he studies under the guide of Professor Doris Delay—“The Godmother of World Violin”, and got a master’s degree. Shortly thereafter, he began to be the assistant of Mrs. Delay and signed a contact with New York Pike Performance Company. Then, his professional performance career started. He had ever taught in the workshop of Spain, Aspen and New York, America and Hong Kong and acted as competitions in America and Europe the judges. In 2003, he abandoned the cause in the United States back to his motherland without any hesitate because of his attachment to homeland and determination to devote himself to China’s music.

He set his performance footprints all around the world, some famous concert halls in the world have witnessed his performance, such as the Royal Academy of Music hall, the Soviet Union Conservatory named after P.I.Tchaikovsky Hall, Louvre Museum Concert, Germany Sturdy’s Recital Hall, Sydney City Hall, Singapore Victoria Memorial Hall, Taiwan Concert Hall and other famous ones in America. What’s more, he often held solo or chamber concerts in several display halls of New York Lincoln center of Arts which was called the Palace of World Music. He received numerous awards in the competitions such as the Second International Menuhin, the Third International Music Japan, Hennessy Music America and National Academy of Arts and Youth Violin.

He has performed with many symphony orchestras including the RPO London, Symphony Manchester, Symphony Gothenburg, Sydney Philharmonic Orchestra Australia(Concurrently the solo player), Metropolitan symphony Orchestra Tokyo, Symphony Orchestra Korea, Symphony Orchestra Singapore, Grand Canyon Concert Symphony Orchestra America, Aspen Concert Young Artists Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra Wart burg and others in New York and Los Angeles, China Philharmonic Orchestra, China Movie Orchestra, Tianjin Symphony Orchestra and Shenzhen Symphony Orchestraetc. In 2007, the album—Pilgrim he performed with China Opera House Orchestra was rated as “The Top Ten Hot Records.”

He is not only expert in playing the violin, but interested in chamber music, conducting and he has gained some achievements. He created “Four Seasons Quartet Orchestra” and “Riverside Trio Orchestra” to carry out a series of displays and keep records. His conducting career started from acting in New York Chelsea Orchestra America and the first display in the United Stated. After his back to China, he has conducted many symphony communities, such as the Ukrainian National Symphony Orchestra, China Youth Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Jazz Orchestra, Hunan Symphony Orchestra, Tianjin Symphony Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, China Film Orchestra, Harbin Symphony Orchestra, Xinjiang Symphony Orchestra and so on. He has led the CCPS Chamber Orchestra was led by him to perform in the United States and display at the Kennedy Arts Center in Washington and be synchronized live online to the world. Since 2012, he has been the permanent conductor of the Beijing Accent Symphony Orchestra.

Taking the cause of carrying forward China’s music education as his responsibility, Chai Liang poured more enthusiasm into music teaching and spared no effort to cultivating a large number of students. In addition, he was active in the display and conducting platform at home and abroad. He has taught at the Julliard School of Music, New York Brewer School of Music, Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Central Conservatory of Music. In 1997, Palman left the faculty at New York University; Chai became one of the two successors for his prominent playing skills and teaching capacity. He also served as the director of the Central Academy of Music Violin office. His students were also active in international competitions. He has also helped his students get further study or teach in the Julliard Conservatory, Curtis School of Music and other top music colleges in the world. In 2006, he was selected as the “New Century Excellent Talent Support Program “by the Ministry of Education and he devoted himself to developing indoor music which combined the western classical music and Chinese traditional songs with characteristics. In 2009, he launched the Music Sail Children funding project and wished to help the poor children far away from the loneliness and self-esteem brought about by poverty by giving instruments and teaching them playing. He has participated in the creation of Beijing Keystone School, the CCPS and Hong Kong Lok Club to help more talented children into the palace of music and to the international stage of music.

Besides arts, Mr. Chai is also keen on skiing, golf and charity. In 2009, he acquired the award of “Mr. Fashion Annual Public Character “elected by the magazine named Mr. Fashion as a charity music person.